If you’re not relevant.

No one cares

Try to interrupt anyone under the age 50 with a commercial today. It’s not happening.
Content is about being exactly that; relevant. Creating something your target group actively looks for or will be interested in when told about. To hit the mark you need great insights and, of course, a great creative idea.

Mint conceptualised the content of the Aller magazine “ Vi Unge” to an all tween web-series. Here especially “Vi Unge’s” unique target group insights were utilised to make engaging and relevant episodes.

When Barbie wants to connect with young tech-savy consumers they create fun and engaging content. Young Barbie lovers could win a day in their dream career, which was also shown in Scandinavian wide TV.

When jeweller Maria Black wants to increase sales, the sales people at her wholesalers are the most important alliance. We created informative training videos about the products and beautiful mood films to visualise the desired brand image


“Sometimes you’ll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you” – Neil Gaiman

Don’t be afraid to tell the real stories about your product, about your consumers, your dreams or even your failures. But for the love of god, tell a real story.
If you want to tell a story about one of your consumers, then do just that. Don’t create a fake narrative to please everyone and offend no one. You’ll end up irrelevant, toothless and effectless.
Summer night parties are a tough match with Scandinavian winters. But believing the impossible is is exactly the feeling we wanted for guests in the real live breathing gardens outside-in.
Three youngsters and their new best friends – The Build-a-Bear bears – spent a whole day together in the BAB brand-store.
In a multi-platform approach we have helped Star Stable tell their story to consumers all over the world.


Great experiences last you a lifetime…

Companies and brands have several ways of engaging with experiences and events.
An economic offering, where your actual product is the experience or added value proposition for your product.
A business-to-business event or for your consumers, to build customer relations or brand image.
Whatever your goal and whatever your path, make sure your events are authentic and followed through. Trust us, a half-ass event is better not ever made.

As one of the worlds leading toy manufactures it’s all important for Hasbro to get their partners and clients in the right mindset for upcoming seasons.

The worlds biggest parties came to Scandinavia, where Mint helped them conquer the club scenes of Denmark and Norway.

Nobody knows kids and youth better than Mint. Therefore for the past 8 years, we have created Insight presentations and accompanying events for Viacom Media Networks.

Full-service agency

As a full-service agency we can take you all the way from communications strategy to production of individual marketing assets.


Digital content, events or content for TV. Mint has the expertise to get your content to where it belongs. Both creatively and when it comes to distribution.


We have produced a long line of succesfull events from grand stadium parties to intimate morning seminars.

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